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The end of the Superhuman era

Jan 16, 2024

Marginally better products with premium pricing became a much harder sell. The delta between the value your product offers and the price you charge needs to be large and obvious. You need to sell significantly better software at a competitive price.

In recent years we saw steep inflation of seat prices. From a typical baseline of a few dollars per seat to a new standard of $20-30 per month. Combined with aggressive growth tactics for expansion of seats, this fueled SAAS revenue growth.

I believe we're going to see a reset of baseline prices and more creative value based pricing. Inflated prices and stale seats can give frugal startups a competitive edge to deliver more value for less. In a market of much more price-sensitive buyers, you need to be more careful that your pricing will not hurt early adoption. Reasonable and value-based pricing can help you build an early wedge and win over customers.

Photo by Andrew Charney on Unsplash